Eco Village Blatuša

Eco Village Blatuša

Eco village Blatuša is situated in the forest on the slopes of Petrova gora, in central Croatia, in the village Blatuša, in between Karlovac and Sisak, 75 km south of Zagreb. The village spreads over several hills and it consists of independent properties on which live around forty people and several NGO`s are active.
We are people from different social backgrounds, credentials and life experiences who came here to live simple, honest lives in equality, respecting nature and each other. We love to build from local materials and create products from the abundance of nature. Also we like to play and dance, make art or just have quiet time in the beautiful landscape.
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Forest Punk

Building a sustainable household
Developing permacultural approach
Building with natural materials
Fun + art


Eko Sense

The Eko Sense Association was founded with the idea of linking people with a vision of sustainable coexistence and involving everyone interested in such a way of life and development.


Gorana Gregl


– architectural projects with emphasis on sustainability, organic architecture and the use of natural materials
– permaculture design
– individual consultations: construction with natural materials, energy efficiency and Feng shui
– lectures on sustainability and natural materials in building

The round house, in which Gorana lives, she built mostly from natural materials (wood, straw bales, clay), and it is heated by passive solar heating.


Love of Nature

Danijela Tudović Bogović – diagnostic of karma, phytotherapy, herbal medicine and natural cosmetics.

I own a small eco-house in Eko Selo Blatuša where I pick plants for the tinctures I make. Through the diagnostic of karma, I help people find out the cause of negative situations in their life or the cause of disease.

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